Results after a BBL and Lipo of the bra fat area? (photos)

I am 14 weeks post. I had a BBL and also Lipo of the bra. I financed 8k, which is a lot. I was extremely self concious of my odd shape. I had large hips with a very flat bottom, and fat deposits in my lower abs and bra area. I went to a med spa and was assured a BBL and Lipo was just what I needed. I have what is obvious to me very little results. I am hurt. I don't know how to approach the situation. And I was told I should "diet and exercise instead of addressing a fix. I feel like I'm just stuck.

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14 weeks post-op and unhappy

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If you went to a med-spa for your procedure, their medical director should be a board certified plastic surgeon/MD. I would recommend that you have a face-to-face follow up with him/her and address your concerns. You can see a difference as far as shape goes and the amount of fat grafted was determined during surgery so that creates the fullness of your buttocks. 

Thank you for your question and good luck, I hope this helps!

Melinda Lacerna, MD FACS

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