If I Wear Compression Garments On Abs And Legs, WIll Weight Gain Stay In Butt Before BBL?

Will wearing a compress garment while gaining weight allow for the weight to be gained in the desired areas? I'm 5'7 122lbs 33-26-35.5 and I work and go to school so I'm walking alot. My intention is to get a Brazilian butt lift in spring2012. But as I try to gain the weight it mostly jus gravitates to my thighs while my stomach remains completely flat. So if I were to wear a garment compresses my stomach and legs would the fat jus accumulate in my butt since it has nowhere else to go?

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Not possible to direct gain weight just in desired area

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Unfortunately, although it sounds reasonable, in fact you can't direct fat to go to different areas by wearing an elastic garment in other areas. Also if you gain weight to have enough fat for a Brazilian Butt lift then lose weight afterwards you will also lose a similar proportion of the fat you transferred to the buttocks.

Brazilian butt lift

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garments before or after Brazillian butt lifts have not proven to make a difference. and no one knows exactly how much fat survives, after transfer. in my mind about half of the volume recedes in a few months then a gradual buildup occurs that leaves the patient with a 75% fat take. the key is experience. every surgeon has his or her method and no method is clearly superior. mine has developed over years and years of grafting. some love garments I dont. the result you will get after the surgery is more dependent on weight loss and the sculpting of the surrounding areas. see a board certified plastic surgeon who had done a ton of these transfers and who has privileges to perform this surgery at a local university hospital (they'll have vetted credentials for you). all surgeries carry risk and realistic expectations are the key to great results. dont worry about garments but follow your surgeons advice. if your surgeon advises the use of garments, follw his or her lead.


Ayman Hakki, MD
Waldorf Plastic Surgeon
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