What Garment is Recommended for a BBL

I'm schedule for a BBL on May 29th and I'm in Desperate need for a good garment. The Garment the Dr supplies causes deflects. What garment is the Best. I want the best results!

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What kind of garment should be worn after the BBL?

It is recommended thata good compression garment be worn for a few weeks after a BBL which helps reduce swelling, and provides comfort. Your plastic surgeon usually has a gament that he uses on his patients that does the job. In our office we also provide in-house postoperative massage and ultrasound treatements to the donor sites, not the buttocks, which helps obviate the need for prolonged use of the gament.

BBL it is needed a spetial compressive elastic lifting garment/para la remodelacion glutea de aumento es necesario una faja

a spetial elastic  compressive lifting garment is needed in whole kind of BBL this kind of vendage helps to  remodelate, and gives comfort  to patients.

todos los pacientes sometidos a BBL requieren de una faja elastica especial compresiva que levante. de  firmeza, remodele y la paciente se  sienta confortable, exisisten en cualquier parte son populares

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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