Are There Any Non Surgical Nose Jobs That Are Permanent?

I am Dominican and Filipino and when it comes to my features my asian side dominates... I am located in the Los Angeles area and I want to see if there are any procedures that are permanent besides actual rhinoplasty that will correct my bridgeless nose. I hate that when my glasses sit on my face i get marks on my cheeks and I want to know my options! I would nver go under the knife, I get complimented on my beauty daily I would just like a subtle bridge and I want it for good :) Thanks!

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Safety of nonsurgical rhinoplasty

Although there are some injectable materials that are permanent, (like Silikon 1000) I would not recommend injecting anything permanent into your nose.  For a permanent result, the safest way to correct the bridge of your nose is to augment it with grafts taken from your own body.


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certainly a non surgical rhinoplasty would ideally help add volume to your bridge (of the nose). Unfortunately, it is not permanent and any permanent filler placed in your nose is ripe for complications. However, if surgery is not an option, a nonsurgical rhinoplasty can give you great results with little down time.

Sandy Sule, MD
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