How Can Veneers After Braces Be Done?

Do I absolutely need to tell my orthodontist I plan on getting veneers a year after I get my braces off? I don't want to accidentally insult his work because he think my teeth are incredible but they are really small. Do spacers need to be put in between the teeth before the veneers are put on so the teeth can be widened with veneers? Because I would like to make my teeth WIDER not just longer. Thanks.

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Veneers after braces

Orthodontists have to work with what they are given...small teeth never look great and veneers may be the solution.  Your orthodontist should not be insulted...but you may need new retainers after the veneers.  Do remember that veneers are not an ideal solution...there is nothing like natural teeth and veneers can break and eventually will need to be replaced

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