Bony, Wrinkled, Misshapen Hands - Options? (photo)

I'm young but look about 60 with these weird looking hands everyone makes fun of. What could be done? I especially want to fix the wrinkles on the knuckles and weird shape at the ends of the fingers. Radiesse?

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Hand Rejuvenation - a combo approach is best

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Hi.  Your pictures didn't post, but in general hand rejuvination involves a combination of treatments.  Fillers are used to smooth out the deep crevices that form between the hand bones (I like Radiesse for this).  Sclerotherapy (vein injections) will make the veins less prominent.  We also address skin discoloration and texture with a variety of products and/or lasers.  Hands can show your age, but there are many tools that can make your hands look more youthful.  

New Orleans General Surgeon

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