Is there a surgery to change the shape of my beasts (but keep them the same size) and to decrease the size of my nipples?

I'm 22 years old and I have never been comfortable with my breasts. When my nipples are hard, they look round like the shape I would like. But when they aren't, I have very pointy boobs with a very large nipple. They are like cones. I would love to have my breasts round at all times with a normal size nipple. I'm a 32c, so I'm more concerned about the shape than adding any size. Is there any surgery I can get to fix this?

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Tubular breast ?

Hi there
Thanks for your query. Without the photo its difficult to suggest anything. However from your description, it seems like you have a deformity called tubular breast with deficiency in lower pole of the breast and nipple areolar herniation. This comes in different grades so it's important that you see your surgeon to discuss the treatment options.
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