I Have a Gap That Can Fit 4 Quarters Will Invisalign Help?

Im 15 and yes my smile would mean everything if i could , i talk with my upper lip down to hide my gap & my gap is larger then many i have seen . 4 quaters is a shame . I just wanna know will invisalign help and i cant afford 4,000 or more and sense my gap is big i think it would cost alot !!!!

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Fixing a Gap a Buck Wide!

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Hi - a low cost alternative to the orthodontics and restorative treatment you probably need is called SnaponSmile - it will last a few years and give you confidence in the interim.

Toronto Dentist

Invisalign : Closing the gap

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Invislaign is a great way to close spaces in your natural teeth. The first step is to see an orthodontist that has a great amount of experience to examine your smile and make some reccomedations


Choosing An Elite provider as designated by Invislaign's web site is a great  way to start your journey to a confident smile


Good Luck


Robert Rudman DDS MS 

Orthodontic Specialist 

Robert T. Rudman, DDS, MS
Denver Orthodontist

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