Can a Gap Be Created Between Two Central Incisors in a Period of Just Some Hours of Having Had Invisalign Attachments Removed?

I've been wearing invisalign for 8 months and the result had been good until a week ago, when the attachments from my central incisors were removed. In a period of just some hours wearing my first aligner without those attachments, a gap appeared between my central incisors. HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE? Before the start of the treatment and until my attachments were removed, my central incisors were very close (almost crowded). Can this be corrected by just wearing my four last aligners?

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Gap will probably NOT be corrected by just wearing last 4 aligners

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It sounds like the attachments were what were really holding the 2 centrals in their places within the aligner. Now that the attachments are no longer on your teeth, simply re-wearing your last 4 sets will probably NOT be enough. The dentist may have to replace the attachments, and then revert back 1 or 2 aligners. As soon as the gap is corrected, and stabilized for at least 2 weeks, then have a lingual permaqnent retainer placed between the 2 centrals, and continue wearing your aligner until the Invisalign or Vivera Retainer is ready for you.

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Gap between central incisors with invisalign

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This can happen during invisalign and can be the reason for relapse.  My suggestion would be to have your dentists place a permanent lingual retainer placed behind your upper front teeth after your treatment is completed. I would then still wear retainers.

Gap creation

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In short the answer is yes. In ortho there is a tendancy for relapse. That is why sometimes we overcorrect ar give things time to settle before removing braces or final invisalign. Retaiers should go omn at the moment thebappliances cone off. 

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