Gall Bladder Scar and Hysterectomy Scar Post TT?

Im concerned about adding lipo of the flanks. GB scar is over ten years old. Hysterectomy scar is 2 years old.

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Gallbladder scar and hysterectomoy scar post tummy tuck.

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Abdominal scars are taken into consideration when a patient presents for an abdominoplasty consultation.  Wound healing may be threatened because of scarring secondary to the cholectomy scar in the right upper quadrant.  If this occurs. the skin can necros or die below the scar.  This is an increased risk, but I have witnessed many people undergo abdominoplasty with this type of scar and have no problem healing.  Regarding the hysterectomy scar, if is a low horizontal scar in the suprapublic area, this should not be a problem because the surgeon will use this scar for the abdominoplasty incision.

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