Could this be decay? Is it the tooth or just the crown chipped at the base? (Photos)

Today, I notice that my crown (where I had a root canal) seemed chipped/hole. I religiously floss and fluoride mouthwash. This crown has been in for about 7 years. It does not feel lose. I get food stuck in the hole and when I floss it out, a little bit of blood comes out.

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Decay Under Crown

It does look like decay under your crown.  I think you will be best off with a new crown if possible because it will be difficult to fill it nicely as it probably wraps around in between your teeth.  Also, some decay may have traveled up underneath your crown.   If the decay goes extensively below the gum surface, there is a chance that the tooth may not be repairable and may require an extraction.  An x-ray would tell us more.  The sooner you have it looked at, the better.  Good luck!

Calgary Dentist

Decay or chip?

That area does look like decay developed under your crown.  If the decay is not that deep under the crown your dentist may be able to remove the decay and place a restorative filling to patch under the crown.  I'd the decay is too deep you would need a new crown. The sooner you have it looked at the better.  

David M. Schertzer, DDS
Saint Louis Dentist
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