Gaining Weight to Have Brazilian Butt Lift?

I'm 5'6" and weight about 112 pounds. I have very flat and low buttocks, but don't want implants. Should I gain weight to have enough fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift?


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Gaining weight to improve candidacy for Brazilian Butt Lift

Hi there-

Gaining weight to achieve an adequate volume of subcutaneous fat has allowed some of my thinner patients to achieve the buttock contour they desire. It usually takes a few months, and involves first gaining weight- once there is enough fat available on exam, the procedure is performed, and after a period of healing, you would be free to then lose the remaining extra weight.

You would, of course get smaller with the weight loss, but this should be from head to toe, meaning that the new shape and proportions established for you at surgery should be maintained after the weight loss.

If you are certain you do not want implants, this might be a good option for you.

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Gaining weight for BBL

I do not recommend gaining weight for any type of surgery.For a fat transfer it’s not your weight that is important, it is the amount of fat cells you have that can be liposuctioned in any given area.You didn’t post a photo so I can’t give an opinion on whether or not you would be a good candidate for a fat transfer.I typically recommend liposuctioning the abdomen, flanks, and back which will enhance your buttocks even without a fat transfer.Be sure to research board certified plastic surgeons in your area and schedule a consultation for a thorough exam to discuss your options.
Be well and good luck!

Morgan E. Norris, III, MD, FACS
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Should I gain weight beore a brazilian butt lift surgery?

This is a great question.  The answer is No.  I would never recommend that someone do something that is unhealthy, in order to have a cosmetic surgery.  Furthermore, you don't know where you will put on the weight, and I am not able predict whether you will have more fat available to transfer. 

That being said, petite women may still be candidates for surgery, you would need a consultation to evaluate this.

Dennis Dass, MD
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Gaining Weight for Brazilian Butt Lift - Not Usually Effective

In general  it is best to be at your stable long term weight to reduce the probability for revision surgery. It makes little or no sense to loose or gain weight for a surgical procedure including Brazilian Butt Lift unless you can maintain that weight for many years.

The reason for this is that the fat cells tend to remember it origin and behave that way. In other words when you lose weight you will also shrink the size of the fat cells transferred to your buttocks and conversely when you gain weight you will gain it also in the area it was transferred to.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Some thin patients benefit from weight gain before a Brazilian Butt lift


In a Brazilian Butt lift, the patient first receives thorough like the suction of the abdomen hips flanks lower back and waist. This hasn't cleaned and process and then transplanted to the butt to increase the volume and give you beautiful contour. For some of our thinner patients, we will recommend that they gain 10 to 15 pounds before their surgery. This will provide us with more tissue to work with and will help meet the patient's aesthetic goals. After the surgery, we always recommend that the patient initiate a rigorous exercise regimen and maintain a balanced diet to accentuate their beautiful new curves.

For more information on Brazilian butt lifts or butt augmentation, please schedule an iConsult or visit us online at the link below:

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Gaining weight for Brazilian Butt Lift

Not a good way to go. You may be able to achieve the result that you want, but you would have to gain a fair amount of weight. Also you dont know where you are going to gain the weight. Also it is not very healthy way to go about things.

So I would not recommend it, no matter how bad you want a fuller larger behind.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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