Gaining waist girth after lipo on abdomen, back and flanks?

I had lipo on flanks, abdomen and breAst reduction 8 weeks ago. Areola necrosis required me to go back to surgery 1week ago for closure and graft. Since I went back for the breast revision, I gained 2 inches on my waist. Is this fluid or is my lipo failing also? The graft site was my hip bone area. What is going on? I was handling the complication with the necrosis fairly well, but gaining back weight is really upsetting me. My weight has not changed. Help!!

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Gaining waist girth after lipo on abdomen, back and flanks?

I am sure that your experience is troubling you. I have seen these changes in abdominal circumference after surgeries where the patient is not active. It is probably due to loosing the tone in your abdominal muscles. It is also possible that while you were dealing with the nipples, that you failed to wear the compression garments, and some of the remove fat filled in with scar tissue, however, this is rare and unlikely in the amount that you describe. The fat that has been remove is permanently gone. However you may have gained some weight and you may just be back to your pre-lipo weight where you should really be less by the amount of the fat that was removed by 8 weeks.

Get back to you exercise routine and especially work on the abdominals, and I believe that you will again see the results of your lipol

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