Almost 15 days after TT, the swelling is terrible. Does it look normal? (Photo)

The swollen is terrible, Everyday is a different discomfort, now this folds and my belly button are driving me crazy, there is still sutures in my belly button since when the dr tried to take them out it bleed a bit so he said to keep for a bit longer, the folds or dents on the sides have been there since we took the binder off 2 days after the surgery, does it look normal?

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2 weeks post op, some advices:

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Thank you very much for sharing your concerns with us.
At this point (2 weeks post-po) the swelling have to be minimal.
To reduce it, I recommend you perform daily lymphatic drainage massage therapy over the abdomen and wear a postoperative girdle from thigh to the breasts.
Kind regards,
Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.-

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Post op swelling

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Swelling is to be expected following a tummy tuck. Without knowing your case intimately, it is impossible to say whether or not yours is normal. My best advice would be to discuss with your surgeon. I tend to have my patients wear their binder longer than 2 days post surgery so you may want to discuss that with your surgeon as well.


Kouros Azar

Kouros Azar, MD
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Tummy tuck recovery

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Swelling after tummy tuck surgery is common.  It will reduce gradually over the next several weeks.  I encourage you to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon as he/she is most familiar with the details of your surgery and how you have been progressing through recovery.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Yes you are progressing well.  Continue to follow the care of your surgeon.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Ali Mosharrafa

Ali Mosharrafa, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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No abnormality appreciated on photo

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You are still under the care of your surgeon and it looks as though she/he did a good job.  Trust her/his opinion since she/he is seeing you and examining you on a regular basis.  Swelling after abdominoplasty is normal and may last up to a year in some patients.  Follow your doctor's directions for the best results.

Marisa Lawrence, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Does My Tummy Tuck Look Normal After 2 Weeks (Photos)?

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Thank you for posting your photos and interesting question. The swelling that you have is not unusual at two weeks and often depends if you have been wearing your abdominal post op binder, limiting your physical activity and what technique your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon used. Use of progressive tension sutures and how the tummy tuck flap was created often affect the post operative recovery. The belly button and creases will sertle dowm as t he swelling decreases. I recommend that you continue to follow up each week with you plastic surgeon to assure that you are healing properly and are not developing a seroma. Best wishes, Dr. Richard Swift 

Almost 15 days after TT, the swelling is terrible. Does it look normal?

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Swelling after surgery can be significant, but if you are concerned I would recommend you contact your surgeon.

Swelling is terrible after tummy tuck surgery.

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I'm sorry to hear about the concerns you have after tummy tuck surgery.  As you likely know, your plastic surgeon will be your best resource for precise diagnosis...

Generally speaking, abdominal wall "swelling" after tummy tuck may be related to:

1. Swelling in the soft tissues. This may take several months to resolve and may worsen with increased activity or at the end of the day. Patience is required to allow for resolution of the swelling. The swelling occurs because of the interruption of venous and lymphatic channels that occurs during the tummy tuck operation.

2. Fluid accumulation in the space between the skin and the abdominal wall muscle. this may consist of blood ( hematoma) or serum (seroma). This fluid accumulation can generally be diagnosed by physical examination. Treatment consists of aspiration; several episodes of aspiration may be necessary. 

3. Separation of the abdominal wall muscle repair may lead to a swelling/bulge appearance.  One of the steps of a tummy tuck procedure involves reapproximation (plication) of the rectus muscles. These muscles have spread apart during pregnancy and/or weight gain. Bringing them together again in the midline helps to “tighten” the abdominal wall as well as to narrow the waistline.



4. Residual adipose tissue may be confused for swelling. Again this is most easily diagnosed by physical examination. Additional liposuction surgery maybe necessary to improve the results of surgery.

Generally, it takes many months for swelling to resolve after tummy tuck surgery and it may take up to one year (or greater) a complete skin redraping to occur.


Best wishes. 

Swelling in the abdomen after TT

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Thanks for the question. Without a thorough examination I can't be sure of what the fullness may be, but it might appear that you do have some swelling to the abdomen.  This may be either a hematoma or a seroma.  If this does exist it can be treated now.  You will still want to wear a binder on the abdomen all of the time, but most importantly see your Plastic Surgeon now for a more accurate assessment.

Good luck to you.

Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

15 post TT and Swollen

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At 2 weeks it's normal to be swollen. However, based on your photo if you were my patient I would do a physical assessment and assure you don't have a hematoma or fluid collection etc. Your physician would need to see you in person so I'm assuming you are otherwise feeling fine and have a follow up appointment soon. If not, can't hurt to call your physician's office and be evaluated. 

Robert Heck, MD, FACS
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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