Chemical peel or laser treatments? Need both upper/lower eyelid work. (Photo)

I am a soon to be 57 year old woman with scarring on my face I also have vertical lines around my mouth, sun damage on neck. I wish to minimize the scarring and not have to go back for multiple treatments. My upper eyelids sag and have had large under eye circles my entire life. I always look tired even though I get plenty of rest. I am a non-smoker who is active outdoors. What is the best treatment for me?

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Chemical Peels or Laser Treatments

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Based on what you have listed as your primary concerns, a combination treatment approach may be the best way to achieve an optimal result. Depending on what you are willing to tolerate regarding downtime will determine the type of treatment regimen your clinician will build out for you. There are advantages to peels and laser resurfacing treatments individually and in combination as they each offer improvements to support  the softening of scars, fine lines and wrinkles while improving overall tone and texture. Therefore, when seeking out correction, know that you may need more than one treatment or a series of treatments to address all of your concerns.  A chemical peel or two prior to a laser resurfacing treatment will prep the skin and allow for better penetration of light, thereby giving way to a more effective single laser resurfacing treatment(ablative) or series of treatments(non-ablative).  You will also need a comprehensive home care regimen to maintain the health of your skin after your treatments to maintain your results. And be diligent about sun protection as well since the majority of skin aging is a direct result of sun exposure over time. And don't rule out injectables, such as fillers, as they can provide softening of fine lines and give a little  nonsurgical lift to some areas.  Regarding your eyes: I recommend you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon as chemical peels and laser treatments will not correct the the sagging of the upper lids and bags below the eyes.  

Chemical peel or laser treatment?

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It is difficult to tell from the attached photo. There are many laser treatments for scarring, and age lines/wrinkles. Pixel laser may suit your needs to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, sun damaged skin, decrease appearance of acne scars, shrink the appearance of pores, lessen bags or circles around the eyes and remove age or sun spots on the skin.

Joshua L. Fox, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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