Is It Possible to Gain Your Fat Back After 2 Months from Liposuction??

Is it that fast?? Although, I don't think I've been indulging myself with food.I remember looking at myself in day 1 and 2 and could see my ribcage, it was awesome and I had a tiny waist,ever since week 1 i started swelling and lumpy, hard lumps.Now i'm 2 months after liposuction and I feel I'm bigger than before lipo, Is this possible?Ihaven't seen that ribcage again from day 2 and that tiny waist. I haven't raise calorie intake au contraire

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Feeling fat after liposuction

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You are probably still swollen. Liposuction looks great the first five days. Then protein healing beings and tissue swell. But - by 6-8 weeks you should notice:

  • improvement in your contour
  • softening of the tissues
  • appearance of your new proportions.
  • your final result can take six months to appear

You can gain weight after liposuction but it will usually appear in different places, not the ones where you had the liposuction. Sorry the recovery is hard! Best wishes.

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