Will I Re-gain Weight in my Stomach if I Get Pregnant After Having Smart Lipo on my Abs?

I'm nervous about getting pregnat after spending all this money on Smart lipo to my upper and lower abs? Will it go back after having a baby?

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Weight gain with pregnancy after liposuction

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As many of the fat cells had been removed with your liposuction, there will be less weight gain on the abdomen than other areas during pregnancy. You might see it accumulated in a generalized fashion or concentrated in hips and thighs or breasts. Often you can lose the weight gain after pregnancy with a good diet and exercise regimen provided you get the time to focus on yourself after your baby is born.

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Weight gain will reverse results

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Liposuction can permanently remove fat but if you gain an excess amount of weight after surgery, you will reverse your results. You may not gain as much fat in the area you had treated, but fat can still collect there. there's no guarantee you'll reverse your results with pregnancy, but it's best to follow a healthy lifestyle after you've given birth.

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