Need to GAIN Weight Per Dr. Jimerson 147lbs Now?

PLZ someone tell me how to GAIN Weight!!! I really don't want too My biggest challenge ever. I have tried but CANNOT get the weight n the right places. My stomach r love handle r back is just not getting any fat on it. Sounds good but when u r wanting a BBL its not good. Tired of eating Ding Dongs at night!!! I need 15/20lbs on me..weight 147lbs Which is a good weight but DANG he wants me to get chubby n other words.

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Gaining weight for BBL usually doesn't work

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I do not believe that people should gain weight in preparation for a BBL. The fat that is gained often jsut goes away after the surgery. This is why people complain that the fat didn't last. I know that some very well-respected doctors tell their patients to gain weight but this idea goes against the science of fat transfer. 

Weight gain for butt augmentation ?

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Dear twilliam,

    Why do you have to struggle with gaining weight for the purpose of getting butt augmentation ? Have you considered butt implants ?  Butt implants are soft, feel and look natural and most importantly do not disappear. Fat injection to the butt looks nice for a while , but disappear completele or almost completely after one year. Fat injection surgery is a fad that will disappear like many others after the public realizes how disappointing it is. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in butt implants. Understand that you do not have to make yourself look worse in order to get a larger butt, There is a better option.

           Best of luck.

                                      Dr Widder

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