If I Gain Weight After Liposuction (Not That I Plan To), Will I Gain It Back in the Suctioned Areas?

I had tumecent lipo of the abs/flanks two weeks ago. I ate a SUPER at my cousin's bachelorette party (I had a piece of Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory...yikes!) and I'm super worried that eating like this will undo the effects of my lipo (I usually eat really healthy though)! I have heard that after lipo the fat doesn't go back to the suctioned areas of your body and it goes other places instead. Is that true?! I hope so because I don't want my donut belly/muffin top to come back!

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Weight Gain after Liposuction

Having seen results 10+ years later, some areas like the abdomen are especially prone to fat return. As we get older, we tend to exercise less and eat the same or more. So guess what happens?

My patients often come in years later for a re-do.

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New shape after liposuction is permanent, but...

Your new shape after liposuction is permanent. Here's the but, you need to maintain your weight with a healthy lifestyle.

Liposuction removes fat cells from disproportionately larger areas of the body. When we gain weight we don't grow new fat cells. The existing cells get bigger. Because a suctioned area, say the outer thighs, has fewer fat cells after liposuction, you won't only store extra calories in that area of diminished quantity of fat cells, but you'll store fat in all the existing fat cells that you have. 

Do good things for yourself with exercise and healthy eating habits and you'll have a permanent new shape!

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If I Gain Weight After Liposuction (Not That I Plan To), Will I Gain It Back in the Suctioned Areas?

       The liposuctioned areas will tend to accumulate less fat due to the fact that the cell number in that area has been decreased with the liposuction.



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