Is it possible to gain symmetry between the 2 sides of my mouth? (photos)

Following a minor trauma, I consulted a Surgeon who said that there has been a separation of the muscle in the nasolabial area on my right side (left side on photo). Is it possible to regain symmetry to the sides of my mouth/chin area? One side looks normal, the other bulges outwards. Almost like I have cotton wool in my mouth. Surgery might be slightly risky as I'm a fitzpatrick 4/5 & tend to hyperpigment - which fades usually after 3/4 months. Any suggestions gratefully considered. Thank you.

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Is it possible to gain symmetry between the 2 sides of my mouth?

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Hello hilleth43.
Actually, you shouldn’t do anything about it, as a slight asymmetry makes the face interesting. If it does disturb you though, you will have to say when the minor trauma occurred. If it was just one or two weeks ago, you may rest assured that it’s a normal post-traumatic swelling that will disappear after 3 months at the latest. If the swelling is older than 3 months, you can have Restylane injected in the left upper lip to get the same swelling by the left upper lip and thus obtain a symmetry.

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