To Gain or Not to Gain for BBL?

Some doctors have said to gain weight while others have said to get down to my ideal weight first for BBL. I don't understand the difference. If you gain weight for the surgery and then lose a bunch of weight afterwards wouldn't it just be the same as if you had just stayed your normal weight to begin with and vice versa if you were to gain weight later? By gaining aren't you just plumping up the same fat cells anyways? It's not like your making more of them by gaining weight, right??

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Let Your Face Tell You To Gain Or Lose Weight

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In my opinion it doesn't make much sense to gain more than a few extra pounds before "BBL" unless you intend to keep that weight after surgery.

All of the successfully transferred BBLfat is living fat and will fluctuate with weight gain and loss pretty much like it did before transfer. If your pre-surgical weight gain is temporary then you will literally "lose your ass" as you return to your prior weight. A few pounds is probably unimportant, but 5 or 6 probably is and more than ten is sure to be noticed.

If you are generally slender with a small face (especially if it's a bit angular and gaunt and could use a little "baby fat") and, even better yet, have a few fatty "problem areas" like the waist, "love handles", and abdomen, then go ahead and gain some weight but only if you are likely to be able to keep in on. Liposuction should be able to reduce the problem areas while enlarging and reshaping the buttocks. The rest of you (face, arms, legs,?breasts?) will tolerate or even enjoy the extra pounds. But don't gain weight if you don't like what you see in a facial mirror. And don't bother to gain weight if you can't or don't intend to keep it on.

Overweight patients should ideally try to get close to their target weight before surgery. Major weight loss after BBL will result is in some loss of buttock size. Major weight gain after BBL could lead to a more irregular result in the donor areas.

I advise all my liposuction patients to lose 1-3 pounds in the months after surgery in the belief that they will have a smoother result by shrinking any minor subcutaneous surgical irregularities and avoiding magnifying these irregularities with weight gain. This advice is hard to take for the BBL patients since it means some loss of buttock size will occur as well. I do my best to over correct the buttocks enough to yield a satisfactory result.


San Leandro Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Buttock Lift

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Brazilian Buttock Lift is more about body contouring especially the area around the buttock and lower back areas.

Depending on how much fat you have and contouring the areas around the buttock will determine how much buttock enlargement and projection you will get.

If you want much enlargenent and projection then you will need a lot of fat as well.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

To Gain or Not to Gain for BBL?

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Thank you for your question.
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Would continue to eat healthy and avoid weightv gain

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It's important for you to eat healthy.  Eating to gain weight for a buttock augmenataion would have side effects. The fat will not only deposit in tissues, but also in unwanted areas.  It would cause cardiovascular side effects and long term health problems. 

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