Is It Possible to Gain 15lbs Because of Swelling at 3 Weeks Post Op Tt and Lipo?

I am 3 weeks post op tt and lipo. I have put on 15 lbs.Could this be because of swelling or because of not being able to exercise? I dont look like I put on weight but feel it when I try to put my old pants on.

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Is It Possible to Gain 15lbs Because of Swelling at 3 Weeks Post Op TT and Lipo?

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I do not think it is normal to accumulate that amount of swelling and I hope you have not overeaten enough to gain 15 pounds in three weeks. I think getting up and moving as soon as your surgeon allows and following a balanced diet is of the utmost importance and hopefully the weight gain will come off.

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Post Op Weight Gain

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Weight gain due to fluid retention is not uncommon after a large operation.

Let your doctor know , as this could also could indicate another problem.  Be sure you are not having chest pain or breathing trouble.



Is weight gain normal after tummy tuck

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If you have suddenly gained 15 lbs three weeks post op, it is not likely to be normal.  You need to see your surgeon to make sure that there isn't something going on that can be treated.

If the weight gain occured right after surgery and has not gone away yet, it could well be swelling.  Your doctor will be able to set your mind at ease.

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Patients may retain water after a lengthy surgery plus swelling but a 15 pound gain remaining 3 weeks after surgery would be unusual. Please see your plastic surgeon to rule out a seroma or other complication and keep count of your caloric intake.

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