Nipple Graph Skin Gone?

I'm African American and I am worried about my nipple color after healing. Right now they are fleshy colored. Is this normal?

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Nipple Color After Breast Reduction

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Without seeing a photo and now knowing how far out of surgery you are, it's difficult to say. Pigment from a graft may take a while to return but it does eventually come back with time. It's important to remain calm and to be patient throughout the healing process. If you notice any signs of infection, please contact your plastic surgeon.

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Nipple Graft with Breast Reduction

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In the early period after nipple grafts, it is VERY common for the pigment to fade. As the graft continues to heal the cells that produce skin color (melanocytes) will help to re-pigment your nipple and areola. It takes a while. So, be patient. If you have concerns about an infection or poor healing, then you need to follow up with your plastic surgeon.

Thank you for your question. Best of luck!


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Without an exam or picture it’s hard to say what is going on or how it will heal. It has been my experience that the pigmentation does return but it does take some time. You should talk to you PS to get more adequate advice.


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