Why do dental implants cost so much? I really need this and can't afford it!!

Why are dental implants so expensive, I have been researching which ones to consider and I really like the "all on four" but when I seen the price I gasped! I was raised by an unfit woman who took me in after my parents divorce and then losing both parents I never really knew better, all my life I was told NOT to brush my teeth!! So now they're rotting and have holes and beyond fixable. I have Medicaid, and I don't understand why they won't cover it either when someone really needs it!?

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All-on-4 Dental Implants

Your situation is not uncommon. The All-on-4 procedure is tailored made for someone like you. At first, most patients are concerned with the expense, but most practices that deliver this kind of service also offer different payment options that allow for a more reasonable monthly payment and still get the life-long result and investment in your health. 

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All on 4

There are more options to fix your problem with bad decayed teeth.  You may need to have denture without implants.  This treatment has been around for years.  Implants are the best option but not in the budget for some people.  Get an opinion for dentures.

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You have a solution ,and its called dental tourism, its the must affordable solution you can find,and you will find the same quality and care, many patients travel abroad for dental tourism.you can find this all on4, procedure by one third of the price.

Dental Implants

it's unfortunate that you grew up in such a difficult situation. Implants and all on 4 dentures are the Cadillac of treatment but not without their problems. If you still have your teeth you can easily have your teeth removed and an immediate placement denture. This will not have the rigidity of the all on 4 but it should be a very functional restoration. In the future if your financial situation changes you can always have implants placed and a new denture made.

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