What is the Future of Nose Jobs?

What is the future of nose jobs ? Are there any news ways other then open / closed surgery to make noses smaller ?

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Closed rhinoplasty

 Closed and open rhinoplasty are the 2 approaches  that all surgeons currently use today. There are hundreds of maneuvers and techniques that surgeons use to change the shape of the cartilages and bone inside the nose. Closed technique is less invasive than open.

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Future of Nose Jobs

There are many different techniques used in rhinoplasty surgery. However don't select the technique, select the surgeon. There probably will be some evolution of rhinoplasty surgery in the future but results will still depend on your surgeon. It is unlikely that that any new developments are worth waiting for.  

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Rhinoplasty has an operation continues to evolve.

I don't think anyone can predict how this operation will be done 50 years from now but there are continual refinements in the operation. Even nonoperational use of injectables is acquiring a place in the treatment of the aesthetic issues of the nose.

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Future of Rhinoplasty

Thank you for posting your question. The non-surgical rhinoplasty is becoming popular. This is partly because anyone with a thumb is trying to expand the scope of their practice to incorporate injectable procedures. It is truly buyer beware in many instances.  That said, in well trained hands non-permanent filler can be used to hide small irregularities or camouflage a nasal hump. This can provide a temporary improvement, but is not without risk. In my opinion, permanent filler (eg silicone) has no place in nasal injections. In any form, adding volume to the nose in an onlay fashion as is done with filler will not achieve a reduction in size. 

Open and Closed rhinoplasty are still the tried and true way to recontour the nose. There is no substitute for a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon. A surgeon that focuses on rhinoplasty masters an armamentarium of surgical techniques to handle the wide variety of nasal deformities encountered. Through experience, a surgical process develops and the maneuvers give a reliable result leading to exceptional results on a consistent basis. Both an aesthetic sense and proper execution are required.  The surgical techniques are still your best bet to achieve a long lasting improvement. I hope this helps. Take care.


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Rhinoplasty future is rosy.

At present, there are open rhinoplasties, closed rhinoplasties, and injectable rhinoplasties. There are even skin altering procedures, like laser resurfacing, chemical peeling, and Ultherapy that can change the appearance of one's nose. Like the technological advances that led to today's contemporary nose-changing-armament, there will undoubtedly be more to come. It is an exciting field. Stay tuned. 

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What is the Future of Nose Jobs?

     Reducing the size of a nose is most predictably done with a closed or open rhinoplasty.




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