Fusiform (elliptical) excision - eyebrow distortion?

I have a circular scar (3-4mm diameter) on the upper half of my forehead that I am considering having excised. I consulted two plastic surgeons who both recommended elliptical excision. However, considering that tissue is cut out during the surgery, is there a potential for eyebrow distortion in my case? Through searching online, all I found was that temporarily the eyebrow might be raised slightly but will return to its normal position shortly after surgery as the skin stretches.

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Excision of the forehead may cause an initial asymmetry, but the ability of the skin to settle largely depends on the amount of tension. Our office specializes in scar treatment on the face.

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

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Can forehead scar revision raise the eyebrow?

Yes, it is possible that scar revision of your forehead could raise your eyebrow. However, a 3-4mm excision should not result in any long term elevation of your brow. However, there are no guarantees and without seeing the scar and examining your forehead it's impossible to say for sure. Temporary brow elevation is not rare but typically resolves within a few weeks after a small excision. 

The other option (depending on the scar location) is a vertical excision which can heal very nicely in in certain areas. Seek a consultation with a scar revision expert.

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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