Is Further Rhinoplasty Achievable without Collapsing?

Hi, Had broken nose,a septoplasty a rhinoplasty and 2 minor revisions and still looks too small and the tip is off centre..I've had fillers which look really good (except they can't increase projection) Now I have found a surgeon who is confident about redoing the nose..Could I have to much scar tissue or a chance of collapse? last nose filler was in June11 I have my sisters wedding in April12 would that be to soon for the rhinoplasty or could I get shorter acting filler and surgery late 12 ?

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Revision Rhinoplasty

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Photos would help to asses your goals. I tend to stay away from using fillers on the tip of the nose. There is a risk of skin necrosis, and also if further surgery is required the skin may be damaged. To achieve your goals, and prevent further collapse I would use Septal Cartilage if available, if not rib Cartilage would be an acceptable substitution.

Cartilage would improve the projection of the nose, while giving you the support you need.

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