Do You Think I Need Further Revision Surgery? (photo)

I have had 3 rhinoplastys in 3 years. The 1st to remove a dorsal hump. The 2nd to remove supratip hump. And the 3rd to do an alar base revision and shave the bridge more. My question is, as i look through front view pictures of my nose, it appears that the middle of my nose seems to be too thick?, or a bit too wide? It lacks definition. Will trying to narrow my nose make it look too feminine? Should i just leave it? ... What procedure could be done to help..IF ANY? thanks in advance.

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Limited Nasal Revision

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Your wide and asymmetrical nasal tip and central nose can be improved with a limited revision. Select a surgeon who specializes in revision surgery.

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Further Nasal tip Narrowing.

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You can definately get more definition in your tip without making it look more feminine. You look to have an ethnic rhinoplasty, so you should see a surgeon who specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty. You can also send your pics to the site below for imaging which would show you how your nose could look like with an additonal surgery.



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