Will I Need Further Face Lift? (photo)

Had a macs face lift three months ago.I had a thin face and no sagging to neck but some jowls.I had fat grafting to cheeks.I had a long face with good strong chin.I now have a double chin and a square face.Am I expecting too much as I I felt that my jaw is worse although my cheeks are better.Will I need a further lift to achieve a good jaw line?

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Repeat Facelift

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It does appear that you have persistent jowling.  I would wait another 3 months.  If jowling persists then a secondary procedure would be warranted.


Dr. ES

You need a definitive face lift

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From your photos, I would recommend a definitive face lift with raising of your SMAS to improve the jowls and liposuction of your neck with posterior retraction of your platysma to improve your contour here.  It is pretty straight forward, though if you want to improve these areas, I would not count on the less definitive procedures like a MACS to take care of these issues.

3 months after MACS lift

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   Did you have liposuction of the submental area (chin and neck)?  This neck appearance could be due to prolonged swelling in that area.  Give the result another 3 months for the neck.  The jowls will need to be addressed in a secondary procedure.

Will I need further facelift?

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Sorry to hear you are not happy with the result of your surgery. In general, you should not have to sacrifice the appearance of one area to make improvements to another. A facelift should not create a double chin. Based on your photos, it appears that improvements can be made. You are not expecting too much by wanting your results to show improvements that should have been addressed during surgery. From here, I would recommend the following options:

1) Speak with your surgeon about your initial goals for the procedure, and talk about a potential revision.
2) Get a second opinion from another qualified surgeon.

I hope this helps, and good luck!

Limited operations yield limited results.

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Pictured are aesthetic problems that are easily solved by a properly executed facelift.  In an attempt to "lessen" the magnitude of the operation, the results of the first facelift are very marginal.

Will I Need Further Face Lift?

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YES! You need a more aggressive lifting in my opinion based pn the limited information posted. Seek in person opinions. 

Secondary Facelift Indications

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Fair Vanity- The challenge of answering questions such as yours is to try to be informative without actually giving medical advice per se. Although it is usually helpful to have photos, your photos look like two preop photos showing someone with deep nasolabial folds, marionnette lines and all of the indications for a facelift. I can only say you are a perfect candidate for the procedures you describe. Three months is plenty of time to  realize the benefits of facial rejuvenation surgery.

Paul S. Howard, MD, FACS
Hoover Plastic Surgeon

Do I need further facelift?

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Thank you for the question and the photos. The best way to address your concerns is with in person consultation. Online answers can be misleading and does not help you especially with such brief information and very limited pictures. My advice for you is to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. If you want you can get a second opinion from another plastic surgeon. Best wishes.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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