How Can I Expect To Have Funny Speech After Chin Lipo? 10 Days Out Now.

Im 10 days out from smart lipo on my chin and neck. I have a little tightness, but my issue is I have a hard time enunciating my words and when smiling/laughing the nerves around my mouth make it impossible to speak without looking very odd. Spitting is difficult, but I have full sensation and a full smile. My only concern is speaking, it is similar to after I've been to the dentist with novacaine. How long should I expect this to last and is there anything I can do to speed up the process?

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OK I will bite.

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It is not normal to have a speech issue 10 days out from a chin liposuction.  I strongly recommend that you see your surgeon to make them aware of your concerns.  It is possible to have a motor nerve injury after a chin liposuction.  These may or may not fully recover.  There are some very specific signs that there is a nerve injury.  At only 10 days out, it will be difficult to know if such an injury is temporary or permanent.   However, without that examination, it is possible that what you are describing is something other than a motor nerve injury.  Good luck and consider posting photographs.

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