Funny Smell in Nose Post Op Rhinoplasty?

Currently i am 14 days post op rhinoplasty. At 11 days I noticed a not so nice smell in my nose. I inspected my nostrils and noticed that I had pussy sores in my nose that seemed to be related to the dissolvable sutures used. I removed the sutures I could and treated the area with a topical antibiotic as well as daily sinus rinses. The smell has dissipated and things seem to be clearing up. Is it possible I am having a bad reaction to the type of suture used?

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Smell in Nose after Rhinoplasty

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It does happen that patients have a funny smell in their nose after rhinoplasty.  This is usually due to the healing process and possibly crusting in the nose.  I would leave the sutures where they are and continue antibiotic ointment.  It sounds good that things seem to be clearing up, but I would still have your surgeon take a look at it.

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Unusual smells after rhinoplasty are actually fairly common.

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After rhinoplasty there is an inflammatory process going on in the nose because the secretion of fluids that can accumulate and adhere to the mucous membranes. These can generate unpleasant aromas that will be aided by nasal airway hygiene.

Smell after rhinoplasty

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It this actually common after rhinoplasty.  The small pussy sores are due to the sutures, not necessarily a reaction. Continue to use the topical antibiotic and check with your surgeon to have him/her see it.

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