Funny Looking Belly Button? (photo)

I had my tt 5 days ago and this is how my belly button turned out. Just wondering do u think it will shrink in size and will the cauliflower look go away. I was hoping for an inny belly button. Thanks in advance for ur opinions,

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Funny looking belly button

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The cauliflower look is the swelling of your original belly button. The skin around it used to be higher on your tummy, so it looks smoother and different. It looks as it should for just five days after surgery.

There is a general ideal belly button shape

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Thank you for the photo.  Its hard to what pattern your plastic surgeon used to inset your belly button.  I do not think the belly button size will shrink much with healing.  In my experience I have not seen much change with belly buttons during the healing phase in terms of shrinkage.  I would try and find reasonable photos of what you would want your belly button to look like to facilitate communication.  When the time comes to revise the belly button it will be helpful.

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Funny Looking Belly Button?

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VERY VERY early to comment on result of the bb. At 5 days you are in very early healing phase. Best to allow more time fgor swelling to subside. 

Belly Button Surgery

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I agree that 5 days is way too soon to be concerned about how your belly button will look.  However, not all belly buttons look good after a tummy tuck. You need to allow your belly button to heal for approximately 1 year. After this first year, you will be in a better position to decide if you like it or not.  I routinely perform cosmetic belly button surgery and approximately half of my patients have had a tummy tuck previously that left them with an unattractive belly button. There are certainly options for you, but I agree that it has only been 5 days so you need to be patient and let yourself heal.

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