Have I fully dropped in 3 weeks? If so it was so quick am I at risk for bottoming out?

I had my breast augmentation a little over 3 weeks ago. I am 5'4, 115 pounds, and bwd of 12.5 cm. With my surgeons help and photos I brought in we decided on 425 cc mentor gummy bear implants under the muscle. I was a 32 a-b depending on bra. I never had pain. Was off pain killers on day 2. Easier than burning off warts in my opinion. My concern is I'm possibly fully dropped and so scared I will bottom out!! Please help!

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Breast support

If you feel your breast are sitting in the right position and you don't want them to drop anymore, you should wear a good support bra for full 6 weeks after surgery, avoid strenuous physical activity such as running and jumping which could dislodge your implants.

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