Fully dropped and fluffed? (photos)

I am 8 weeks post op for BA. My breast are firm but feeling squishy, I had 420cc mentor medium plus teardrop implants placed under the muscle. I had nearly no breast tissue to begin with, but stretched skin from pregnancy 8 years ago. I would like to know if my upper pole will smooth out from where it is now and the lower pole fill out more as I feel my nipples are still low and look as if the are pointing down still, particularly my right which was very slightly lower than my left. Thank you

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2 Months Post Op

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They will continue to drop for several months. The skin and muscle need time to stretch. I can not say how much of that upper pole volume will go away but you can expect them to drop more. With the anatomic tear drop shaped implants, you may not see them settle as much as smooth round gels because the tear drop implants are textured and made to grab on to the underlying tissue and not move very much.

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Two months post breast augmentation

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At two months they usually drop a bit more when they are smooth implants, but with textured implants they  may not. Best to keep an eye on it for now and see how things progressed.

Steven Wallach, MD
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2 months post op

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These implants look quite well positioned as far as nipple/areolar position.

It is not uncommon for implants to appear to be high riding, filling the upper poles at the expense of the lower poles, and with time this almost always settles. 

With shaped implants this is a little less predictable. An exam, and review of hour post op course with your surgeon is the best way to ge reassurance. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Fully dropped and fluffed?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. Given that you are only 2 months out of the procedure, you can expect further changes to occur over the next several months. Hopefully, as the breast implants continue to “settle”, the symmetry of the nipple/areola complexes will also improve. Continued patience and continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon are your “best friends”. Best wishes.

Fully dropped and fluffed?

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Yes, your implants will continue to settle over the next few months and your breasts will become more full and fill out at the bottom of your breast.  Your nipples should then move to a more central position on your breast mound.  Everyone is different so keep an eye on it over the next 3-6 months and re-evaluate at that point with your surgeon.  If you or your surgeon are concerned about them not dropping quick enough, perhaps ask about massage or a breast band.  Best of luck!  ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon


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Things look great, will probably take 3 months to get things to their final state, your implants may end up riding a bit high though

Fully dropped and fluffed?

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Thank you for your question.

At 8 weeks post is still very early there is still swelling and more to drop. Have a follow up with your surgeon some massages would help the breasts to drop. 

You need to be examined

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Your question is great but difficult to answer without an examination.  Swelling in the chest muscles can account for this appearance.

In breast augmentation I have chosen to spend time reviewing photographs with patients to fully understand their expectation of size and shape. Many times this simply raises more questions. I will make measurements and use the implant guides to allow the patient to understand exactly the sizes that are reasonable for their body type and measurements.

Please find an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and member of the Aesthetic Society using the Smart Beauty Guide. These Plastic Surgeons can guide you on all aspects of facial surgery, breast augmentation and body procedures including tummy tucks or mommy makeovers!

8 weeks post op

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You still look swollen to me. At the 8 week point your soft tissues (muscle and breast tissue) are still recovering. You won't see your final result for another month at least. It can take up to 6 months for all of the swelling to subside. As for your nipples, I suspect they were asymmetric before surgery and will stay that way. Look back at your before pics, I bet they were vertically asymmetric.

Implant appearance at 8 weeks

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There will still be some changes (all for the better) in the months to come.  Nipple direction may not change appreciably but at this point I would say you still need some time before you know where the "final" result will be

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