Have the Fullness I Want from Fat Transfer, is this just due to swelling or will it stay this way?

Hi, I have a fullness now that I want from fat transfer. But my procedure was only days ago. I am concerned that most of what I am seeing is still swelling and that some of the fat will be absorbed. Starting to worry that I was undercorrected and will look like my before picture in a few weeks. Any thoughts? Advice?

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When can you see your final fat grafting results

Only a few days from surgery you certainly do have quite a bit of swelling. Whether or not you'll been undercorrected is hard to say so earlier, though. In my hands, the swelling resolves over the course of about 6 months. After that, however, the grafted fat that has survived will then blossom from 6 months to 18 months after your procedure. A touch up procedure can be done, but you'd want to wait long enough so you know what base point you need to correct from.

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Swelling after fat transfer is normal

And you may require a touch up or two once you have seen how much of the fat has survived transfer.  Good nutrition and no smoking will help the new cells heal and hopefully grow in place.  I always warn my patients that they may require a couple of touch ups, and once they are where they wish to be, they can just enjoy and go about their normal aging.   It is much less expensive than fillers, and really minimal trouble to touch up, plus you get to use your own tissues where and when you need them.

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Fat survival after grafting

You won't know until about 3 months after a fat grafting procedure what is going to stay or not.  At 3 months what you see is what you got.

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