Invisalign 2.8 yrs w/ AcceleDent! I had crowding on bottom teeth, grinding issues and over bite. I just got new (last). (photo)

set of (12) trays. I developed black holes due to triangle teeth shape. I used my animation to get the doctor’s attention he said animation is not always accurate. I asked to shave my teeth but he didn’t agree. He said we have to wait till I’m done with the 12 trays and then if shaving is needed we can do that. He also said that sometimes the gum cover those holes IF they appear. Now I wouldn’t want to depend on a “maybe” when I can fix it now! But looking at pics how high the gum can go?

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Black Triangles Following Adult Invisalign or Braces

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I am a firm believer that it is always better to review possible aesthetic concerns of straightened teeth of which there was severe rotation and crowing before starting the journey rather than being surprised near the end. Chances are high that your Invislaign treatment did not cause these black triangles. It is VERY common for the gum between severely crowded and rotated teeth to be less filled in and flatter than between properly aligner teeth. This is typically caused by the long term rotated and crowded teeth constricting the gum space. When these rotated teeth are corrected, the gum is not filled in enough to fill the space. This is typical with adult treatment. Comparatively, in children and adolescents, we have more hope that the gums adapt to this open triangular space that is created by rotation correction. Three possible solutions post treatment:1) In some cases slenderizing the teeth contacts with "IPR" so they can be moved closer together there by potentially REDUCING the black triangle. 2) Inter proximal bonding can build the teeth up in width with composite material. 3) Laminate Porcelain veneers can change the shape of the teeth and widden the contact points and hide the black triangles
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