Fuller Lips Via Botox?

On May 8th, I got 6cc of botox. 4cc at Cupid's bow and 2 cc at fuller part of bottom lip. Today, may 21st... No change. It feels the same it looks the same, I can pronounce b's and p's. I can still use a drinking straw. Absolutely no effect on me at all.. My question, is why it didn't work?

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Fuller lips via Botox - absolutely NOT

Botox is NOT a lip plumper. It is a neuromodulator meaning it works to stop muscle movement. You didn't have 6cc of Botox either. You had 6 units, which is a tiny drop into each area. Botox is not a lip filler. If you expected more to happen, see your injector, but please understand that injecting Botox around the mouth area is to inhibit you from creating lines and creases. It absolutely doesn't work to plump your lips, period.

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Botox for fuller lips--why it might or might not work as you expect.

Botox or Dysport can be used around or in the lips in certain situations, but they work differently than hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers like Restylane or Juvederm. The fillers literally are gels that are injected into the lips to fill them and make them fuller (this can be subtle and shaping, or adding more volume for obvious size change). Neuromodulators Botox and Dysport don't take up space. They work by weakening the circular mouth muscle called the orbicularis oris at strategic points to allow the lip edges to turn outward slightly, giving the appearance of a slightly fuller lip. When it works, it provides subtle shaping, but too much neuromodulator can leave the mouth too weak to function comfortably. This will always wear off after a few months, but can be awkward.


Improveme71, if your treatment did not work, your doctor may not have injected the Botox deep enough into the muscle itself. Like the other doctors here have said, you likely got that many units, not cc's (a cc of fluid would contain many more units). I suggest returning to your doctor and showing that you may need more.

Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox around the lips

Sounds like there may have been some miscommunication.  Botox would be injected in units, not cc's or ml's.  If you had 4 units placed at the cupid's bow and 2 units in the bottom lip, you should see some decrease in muscle strength and control by 7-10 days.  If not, either the product never reached the intended muscles, it was inactive, or you are one of the very rare people who don't respond to botulinum toxin.  Also, Botox would not be expected to give you fuller lips.  It does work to soften lines around the mouth caused by muscle contraction.  Filler would be used to plump up the lips, but 6cc's (ml's) would be quite a bit to inject into these two areas alone. Speak with your injector about these concerns.

Matheson A. Harris, MD
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Lips no fuller with botox

Botox helps relax the lines around the lip and does sometime turn the lips out a bit. However, there is no way that it will make lips bigger of fuller. That is what fillers like restylane do. 

Jo Herzog, MD
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Fuller lips using Botox

Botox is used to relax muscles and improve wrinkles. It is not used for making lips "fuller". Sounds like there was a miscommunication between you and your doctor.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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Botox per-orally

Botox injected into the obicularis around the mouth works to relax the muscle and turn up the edge of the lip. If it was injected into the wrong area or not specifically into that muscle, you won't achieve those affects. Be sure you're having treatment with a well-trained and reputable provider for best results.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lip Botox

I believe you meant 6 units of Botox not cc's.  Most people experience a different sensation around the lips such as not being able to pronounce certain syllables, inability to whistle, or drink through a straw.  Certain patients may get a slightly fuller appearance to the lip from eversion of the lip border but I recommend fillers for true fuller lips. I would schedule a recheck with your Botox injector since you didn't seem to get any effect from your Botox injections.

Kristin Baird, MD
Longmont Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fuller Lips via Botox

Well, I think the application of Botox for your desired result may not have been the proper medical therapy.  Botox is a muscle relaxant and is used to reduce muscle contraction (activity)  and smoothe out wrinkles or prevent muscular activity.  Botox is not indicated to "plump" or make structures such as the lip "fuller".  There are indeed therapies for this called "fillers" and as the name sounds are used to "fill" structures.  There are several fillers on the market and these would be used and not botox to increase the size of any structure, including the lip.

Michael A. Carron, MD
Detroit Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox Injected Into Lips

Botox is used in the forehead and around the eyes (off label use) to relax the muscles in order to stop wrinkling of those areas. Botox is not, nor has it ever been a lip filler! Juvederm, Prevelle etc...are lip fillers. Are you sure you had Botox put into your lips?

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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