If I Get Fuller in my Cheeks and Lose 5 Kilos. Will It Affect my Face and Make It Look Deformed?

I have 2 lines that begin from underneath my eyelids and travel down my cheeks. These look hollow and gaunt and quite frankly make me look unatractive and somewhat scary. I am wondering if it is fine to get some cheek filler and then lose weight. Or will it affect the way the filler sits in my face?

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Weight Loss Following Facial Fillers

Without photos, it is difficult to address your specific needs regarding whether facial fillers will help you achieve your goals. However, there are many different facial fillers on the market today that can help re-establish facial volume and fill in some of the lines. Weight loss may change your facial appearance, but it won't affect the filler. Keep in mind, facial fillers such as Juvederm last about six months, and those which would be better for creating volume in the cheek area, such as Radiesse, last for about a year, so the amount of filler used could be altered after your weight loss. If anything, you might want additional filler following your weight loss, as loss of volume in the face can be aging. Be sure to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon, or very experienced RN when using facial fillers. You want someone with a good understanding of facial anatomy when using these products. Good luck to you.

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