Could Full Tummy Tuck Scar Tissue Be Causing Problems Years Later?

I had a full tummy tuck 4 years ago. I have always felt tightness and slight discomfort. The past 4 months it has become much worse. When I eat, sometimes I cannot sit. I have to stretch my midsection to get comfort. I also noticed shortness of breath after eating. I even went to my GP thinking it was my heart. He sent me to the cardiologist, who did a neuclear stress test and told me it was all stress. My EKG comes out fine, my blood pressure is good, and my bloodwork is good. Could it be scar tissue?

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Tummy Tightness always gets better with time

I have performed hundreds of Tummy tucks and I have yet to encounter the symptoms you describe at this late period. The initial tightness after surgery always get better since tissues always give and relax.

The four month history of increasing abdominal tightness is worrisome. Rather than dismissing it as chest pain or "nerves" I would suggest you see either your Plastic surgeon or a general surgeon to see what they can pick up. You may need a CT or MRI to see if you have an unrecognized intra abdominal process which is causing these symptoms. Do not put this off.

Good Luck.

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