Full tummy tuck with muscle repair - Did I pull a stitch? (Photo)

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair on dec 4th 2013. Everything's been going very good up until last Friday when I went to how see the doctor cause I thought I had seroma but he said it wasn't. He said it looked like I had pulled a stitch. Does it look like it from the picture? If I did, what can be done about it? I didn't do any thing that would pull on the muscle!

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Bulging After Tummy Tuck - Did I Pull A Stitch?

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Thank you for expressing your concern.  Based on your photos I would anticipate that your tummy would be much flatter after a tummy tuck.  The 'bulging' appearance is concerning and may represent a disruption of the muscle repair.  Your plastic surgeon has examined you and feels that your repair has been compromised.  In this case, correction is likely to involve a similar operation to the original tummy tuck in order to fix any bulging that remains.

A second opinion is always a reasonable option and can help resolve any doubt you may have.

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LARGE Bulge after Tummy Tuck

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Something seems not in order here.  After a full abdominoplasty you should have a much flatter abdomen.  I have seen 2 patients who were referred to me for evaluation of a torn stitch and relapse and both required surgical correction.  See what your surgeon suggests.  Get another opinion.  The correction is a big deal here with a total take down and repair and about as much work as the initial abdominoplasty.  Good Luck and My Best,  Dr C

Did I pull a stitch?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after tummy tuck surgery. The protuberance of your abdominal wall is concerning.  Given that your plastic surgeon has had the opportunity to examine you, I would have to go with his assessment.  If you remain in doubt, in person 2nd opinion consultations, as opposed to online “consultation” will be necessary.
If, in the long term, it does become clear that abdominal wall laxity remains the “culprit” of the abdominal wall prominence, repeat abdominal wall plication (re suturing of the abdominal wall muscles that have spread) will be necessary.
Best wishes.

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Full tummy tuck with muscle repair - Did I pull a stitch

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Very hard to tell  over the internet. Best to seek IN PERSON second opinions... I think your result is acceptable but a tighter look is what you are asking about... 

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