Full Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck for Mother of Two with Tattoo Around Belly Button? Breast Aug or Breast Lift? (photo)

Hello, I am a mother of a 10 month old baby and currently 5 months pregnant. I am planning to get a mommy makeover in Dec '14. I am concerned about my tattoo but do not think I will need a full TT. I like the size of my breasts now but I know they will dry up and disappear after I stop breast feeding. I am a person who likes to plan waaaay ahead! Please HELP!

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Full Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck for Mother of Two with Tattoo Around Belly Button? Breast Aug or Breast Lift?

Very hard to comment even with posted photo if you are still breast feeding. And yoiu are not at your desired weight post pregnancy. 

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Full Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck?

It is difficult to answer this based on a photo when you are 5 months pregnant, though I would predict that a full tummy tuck will be needed.  It is also difficult to predict what your breasts will like like after you deliver and are done nursing, and whether you will only need a breast lift or a breast lift with implants for additional volume. You will need to be assessed by a plastic surgeon several months after you deliver and at least a few months after you are done nursing.

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Mommy Makeover is an effective set of procedures

Since your are in the middle of your pregnancy, its tough to give definitive recommendations. A tummy tuck will surely leave you with only a portion of your tattoo. Seek the consultation of a board certified plastic surgeon several months after your delivery.

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Full tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck ?

Thank you for your question. It seems that you're a candidate for a full tummy tuck, breast lift and liposuction . The use of implants should be a decision to consider during consultation with your plastic surgeon, though I do recommend if you're happy with larger breast. Best wishes.

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Full or Mini TT? Breast Aug or Lift?

Dear Barbie,

Thank you for your post.  It is very rare that someone will need only a mini tummy tuck after multiple pregnancies, and from the photos, I expect that you will need a full TT.  This will remove the bottom half of the tattoo, and the top half of the tattoo will be below the belly button.  You seem to be happier with the larger breasts, so just a simple lift will probably not satisfy you.  Already, with your breasts fuller, you look like you need a lift, so with the limited information and no physical exam, I would recommend an augmentation and lift once your breasts are stable.

Best wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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Full Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck for Mother of Two with Tattoo Around Belly Button? Breast Aug or Breast Lift?

Breasts- Based on the current photo, you will need to consider a breast lift to improve your breast appearance. Depending on whether you have enough volume, you may also want to consider an augmentation as well, but that decision will need to await the volume changes that may occur over the next year.

Abdomen--Again, what happens during the pregnancy and afterwards may change any current recommendation. Based on the current photos after the first pregnancy I can't quite see enough to tell if there is skin excess enough to suggest a TT or mini-TT. A full TT would trash the tattoo, and mini- perhaps not. A side view would help some. It may be that liposuction alone or in combination with a mini_TT would be recommended.

Good luck with the pregnancy, all the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Variations on the "mommy makeover" with a type of "mini" abdominoplasty

Let's work from the top down.  Unless you have a crystal ball to see what your breasts will look like after this pregnancy in 14 months, you should be prepared for both the options of lift with augment or lift alone depending on your size.  Your size before your present pregnancy may give you a ballpark idea of your size.  Looking at your pictures it appears you do not have a significant amount of loose tummy skin.  If you wind up with fullness and mild skin laxity after this pregnancy, you may be able to qualify for a muscle repair without the typical skin removal and scar.  An effective combination is liposuction of the abdomen with a midline muscle repair.  Some call it a "lipoabdominoplasty," but the point is that you don't have that scar going all the way across your pelvis.  The muscle wall bulging is fixed and there is some tightening of the skin besides thinning from the lipo.  These options should not effect your tattoo.

Myles Goldflies, MD
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