Is It Routine to Finish a Tummy Tuck with Liposuction?

I have had a full tummy tuck but my doctor says he is going to finish with liposuction after 6 months. Is this normal?

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Tummy tuck and delayed liposuction

I will tell patients during consultation that a secondary procedure of liposuction may be necessary to improve the contour of the upper abdomen. I do not do it at the time of the tummy tuck because the blood supply to the tissues at this time is diminished. This can contribute to wound healing problems.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Two stage approach to tummy tuck

Yes, in many instances, performing a 2 stage procedure is a common approach with a first stage tummy tuck and liposuction to the hips follwoed by a second stage scar revision and touch up liposuction to the central/upper abdomen and/or hips. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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In our practice all tummy tucks include liposuction

Tummy tucks are a very popular and effective way to contour the abdomen. When choosing a tummy tuck surgeon, it is important to understand what techniques they will use and how these techniques will help calm your personal aesthetic goals. In our practice, we include liposuction with every tummy tuck. We strongly feel that liposuction is an important technique that allows us to sculpt your body's tissues and to reach areas of your abdomen that we would not be able to with a tummy tuck alone. Be sure that you're working with a board-certified plastic surgeon with great of experience in abdominoplasty, liposuction, and body contouring and that you understand how the surgeons personal philosophy and the techniques they recommend will help meet your goals.

To learn more about tummy tucks, see photos, and help you decide which one is best for you, please visit us at the link below:

Pat Pazmino, MD, FACS
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Liposuction following Tummy Tuck

I also sometimes perform liposuction of the upper abdomen following a TT.  During a TT, the normal blood supply to the abdomen through the rectus muscle is divided, and simultaneous liposuction would place this area at risk for ischemia.  It is usually safe to perform the lipo after 6 months or more.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction can be helpful following tummy tuck

Hi, most surgeons will not suction the abdomen itself during a tummy tuck as we worry about the blood supply to the skin that we are tightening. However, many of us will perform limited liposuction to the hips and thighs, either at the same time or at some point down the road, to finish contouring the patient's new shape. If you have additional concerns about the need for or extent of liposuction, address them with your doctor directly, as every patient's situation is unique. Good luck!

Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Additional liposuction sometimes needed after Abdominoplasty

Normally, an Abdominoplasty includes removal of loose excess skin with its underlying fat, tightening of the abdominal muscles, and liposuction. It is risky to perform aggressive Liposuction in the area above the umbilicus in conjunction with a full Abdominoplasty. Liposuction in this area can affect the circulation to the skin and increase the risks of skin sloughs and healing concerns. It is safer to perform liposuction in this area secondarily.

Todd B. Koch, MD
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon
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