Full Tummy Tuck w/ MR 8 Weeks Ago And Still No Inches Lost, Is This Normal?

Hi there I was wondering if anyone could help me, I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair eight weeks ago I am happy with the skin removal however I'm very worried as I haven't lost any inch's at all, the swelling has completely gone now so I know it isn't that, I'm sorry if I sound a bit silly but I very concerned that I have been through all the horrible recovery and still have a thick waist!..does anyone know a possible reason as to why I haven't lost any inchs? many thanks

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Waist after Tummy Tuck

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Tummy Tucks are not always done to create a waist. They are done to recontour the front of the abdomen. Put one finger on your lowest rib and another finger on the top of you pelvis right below the first finger. If you only have an inch or two between the fingers you are "short waisted" and without taking out some ribs, it is not anatomically possible for you to have a narrow waist.

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Tommy Talk Results?

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 Thank you for the question.

You should not be basing your satisfaction with the tummy tuck surgery on “inches lost”.  this is certainly not an accurate measure  of what was done for you;  more than likely you had a significant skin excision and muscle plication performed. You may want to compare your current abdomen to your preoperative pictures.

Keep in mind also that the end result of tummy tuck surgery will be seen 6 months to one year after surgery;  contrary to your statement,  there still is swelling present and it may take one year for the skin to fully "redrape".

I hope this helps.

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