Full Tummy Tuck. Fullness, Bloated and Gassy. And, my PS Charging Additional Fee to Correct His Mistake?

Hello, I am just a month shy from a year since my full tummy tuck. Lately, ive been having bloated, fullness and very gassy, days before my period and through out. It is so full that the flatness on my tummy disappears. Is this normal? I have normal BM. there was size diff. and drippy on my BA,whc ps agreed, will change it out and one side severely swollen (steroid didnt worked) on the hip. which PS said he will fix both in ofc minor procedure..now he is asking for additional fee...

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Problems after TT

I don't think your bloating problems are related to the surgery.It's possible for you to feel full earlier but not "bloated". Must be your diet. If your surgeon is going to perform a revision, it is customary that you would still pay for the facility fees, including anesthesia.

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Fee for revision procedure

I'm not sure that your explanation has enabled me to visualize the problem in sufficient detail to comment.  Photos might be useful.  First, you should review your agreement to determine whether revision was covered and, if so, under what circumstances.  Second, exactly what was the plastic surgeon charging for? If it was to cover the costs of the OR, etc. and is a small amount, then it is not unreasonable.  If an exchange of implants is required, then it is acceptable for the surgeon to charge for the replacement implant; it would not be covered under the implant warranty unless the original one has deflated.

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Financial Responsibility for Further Surgery after Complications?

Thank you for the question.

It is not possible to offer precise advice without more information  and direct examination.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to revisionary surgery after  complications have occurred. You will find therefore that every plastic surgeon may have a different viewpoint/policy in this regard.
Keep in mind, that the occurrence of a complication ( such as an abnormal scarring)  does not necessarily indicate that the  surgeon made an error and/or is responsible for  costs of additional surgery etc.  In other words,  a complication or  unfavorable result of surgery does not necessarily equate to physician error or malpractice.

On the other hand, most plastic surgeons will work hard to maintain a happy patient.  You may find that your plastic surgeon is willing to work with you.  I would suggest calm and non- accusatory communication.

Best wishes.

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