I'm Looking into Full Tummy Tuck Done but Need to Do Core Strengthening, How Long to Wait Afterward?

There are no pictures because I have not had the surgery. This is just an inquiry into the procedure and the length of time to recover before being able to return to my rehabilitation admission to do my core stabilty/strengthening exercises as well as other exercise. I have had previous surgery since being hit in a blast but this surgery is what I'm needing to think about to maintain weight since it seems to be so hard to keep off since the incident.

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Core exercise after tummy tuck

I encourage my tummy tuck patients to ambulate the same day of surgery. But you will be walking in the flexed position. You should be able to walk upright/straight in approximately 7 days. Most of my tummy tuck patients are comfortable to go back to a desk job 10-14 days after surgery. If your work involves strenuous activity or heavy lifting, most surgeons recommend avoiding heavy lifting or strenuous activity for at least 5 weeks. In general, for most desk jobs, I advise patients to take 10-14 days off if possible so you can focus on your recovery and not on deadlines/clients/meetings. In terms of going back to the gym - hold off on core exercises for 6 weeks. You need to give yourself time to heal.

Lastly, I recommend the use of long acting numbing medicine to numb out the muscle tightening. I utilize Exparel that can have numbness effects than can last up to 3-4 days.

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TT with large mesh will strengthen core for you

I invite you to visit my profile to read more on this subject. I have also included a link that briefly explains what I have observed after many years of performing this procedure. A standard TT with large mesh placement reestablishes normal physiology after multiple pregnancies, ventral and incisional hernias, and the damaging effects of obesity. Simply stated; the mesh reinforces a weakened or damaged abdominal wall and 'locks' you in at your current weight if you are at ideal BMI. If you are overweight it will help you loose weight.

I hope this helps.

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