Had a Full TT Five Weeks Ago and Am Now Having a Sudden Constant Sharp Pain in Upper Left Abdomen?

I had no-drain TT and it has now been 5 weeks and I'm having a sudden sharp constant pain in my upper left abdomen associated with more swelling but no discoloration (and more painful when I touch it).I had a medium sized hematoma in the left side of my abdomen right after my surgery and since then my PS has drained it about 4 times. I saw my PS about this recent pain and he attempted to extract some fluid from the area where the pain is but nothing came out. Please help! What is causing this?

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Sudden Constant Sharp Pain

This is a hard one to reply to without an actual in person exam. It seems that your surgeon thought it might be hematoma, but could not aspirate any fluid. It could be that it was not a hematoma at all, or that the cavity was filled with clotted blood that could not be aspirated. If so, a second try a week later might be successful.
The diagnosis of hematoma/seroma could be made by an ultrasound exam if the next tap is also negative, and that might guide evaluation and treatment. Another possibility is pain from one of the plication sutures. A try at infiltrating with local anesthesia again if the next tap is dry might be a consideration.
Do continue to follow with your surgeon. A second opinion might me considered if your symptoms persist and there is no cause found.
Thanks and best wishes.

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