Full Tt W/ Muscle Repair - Problem with Vertical Scar and Bulging Above Scar?

6/12 months since my full tt w/ muscle repair. The scar tissue underneath the old belly button vertical scar has attached to the underlying muscle, causing it to sink in, and the area above the horizontal scar bulges. It is bigger on the right side than the left. There is also a creased area in front of the left hip. The abs pretty much bulge from above the belly button to the horizontal scar. PS want to release it, remove a little more skin, and lipo to fill sunken area. Correct Revision?

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Plan tummy tuck revision carefully

Your results are not uncommon. The main issue is the overall bulging of your abdomen. First you have to make sure you have not gained any weight resulting in an increase in visceral fat (fat that is inside your abdomen and can not be liposuctioned). You can test this by laying flat on the ground; if your abdomen caves in, then you probably don't have any extra visceral fat. This means you should probably get your abdominal muscles retightened. I would only recommend liposuction if you have a clear area of excess fat layer; but I don't see any on your pre-op picture. Removing a little more skin might help...but fat grafting may not fill in the sunken area; at least not until it has fully healed after your revision and you have good circulation back. review carefully with your surgeon before proceeding. The longer you wait for the swelling to go down the better. Best of luck

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Muscle separation (diastasis) needs to be tightened

The bulge below the belly button and the horizontal incision is a result of separation between the inner edges of the rectus abdominis (sit up) muscles.  This needs to be brought together in the midline with a suture tightening or plication.  This looks like the main issue in your appearance, based upon the photos you have provided.

I am not sure how the liposuction will help the depression in front of the left hip.  It may help in flattening the fullness on the right.

Taking out more skin as a horizontally oriented strip to include the horizontal scar may help remove the old vertical belly button opening and prevent its adherence to the underlying muscle.

Your board certified plastic surgeon can address these issues fro you in your preoperative visit, where he can re-examine you and clarify the plan.


Good Luck!

David N. Hing, MD
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Tummy tuck revision

What you describe as the proposed procedure make sense to treat the skin and adipose tissue layers. I am concerned that this procedure will not treat the “bulge” that you describe. If this bulge is related to the abdominal wall (diastasis)   repair then  additional muscle work (tightening) may be necessary to achieve the desired results. Communicate your concerns with your plastic surgeon in detail.

Best wishes.

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Lipo or Muscle Repair May Be Needed

Your pictures suggest the presence of an indented vertical scar and excess skin in your lower abdomen.In addition, you appear to have a pronounced lower abdominal bulge.This bulge may be the result of either excess lower abdominal fat or weakened abdominal muscles.
Although your pictures are helpful, it’s hard to make this differentiation without a physical examination. Depending upon the results of this exam either liposuction or muscle repair will be indicated.These maneuvers could be performed in combination with scar revision with removal of excess lower abdominal skin.One of these options should address most of your concerns and significantly improve your abdominal contour.
It’s therefore important to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area who can evaluate your abdomen.This surgeon should be able to perform this evaluation and formulate a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic findings and achieves your aesthetic goals.

Richard J. Bruneteau, MD
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