Full TT - Normal to Make Vertical Incision Under the Horizontal?

I am starting to feel nervous about what my scarring is going to look like now. My doctor who is well respected and board certified, said that he may have to make a vertical insicion as well in order to "get in there". I am having full TT with muscle repair and flank lipo. Is this because I have a long torso? I'm 5'6" and I know overweight at 175.

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Scar Position

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How the surgeon makes an incision and what the resultant scar looks like, may be two completely different things. From an evaluation of your photographs I would assume you would only be left with a transverse incision and an incision around your umbilicus.

Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Vertical scar for tummy tuck

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Generally, a vertical is needed for an abdominoplasty if the skin below the belly button cannot be completely excised leaving a small vertical scar where the belly button was previously located. Another reason to perform a vertical scar is to remove excess tissue in the horizontal direction which does not appear to be necessary in your case. I would recommend you talk to your surgeon and have him clarify your question.

Lawrence C. Lin, MD
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

Vertical Incision for Abdominoplasty

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If the abdominal skin cannot completely by excised between the belly button and the lower edge of the scar, sometimes a vertical scar is necessary.  This may be what your surgeon was referring to.  I would recommend asking how likely it is that the vertical incision is necessary.

Jeff Scott, MD
Everett Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck with vertical incision not necessary.

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I am just going by your pictures, which is not the same as examining you. But judging by your pictures, you have enough lower abdominal loose skin that You do not need a vertical scar.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Scarring following tummy tuck

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It is not normal to have vertical incision below the horizontal one.  Occasionally it is necessary to have a short vertical extension above the horizontal one if the closure is going to be tight, but it doesn't look like this is particularly likely in your case, judging by your photographs.

If you are unsure about what you have heard, I would recommend that you have another consultation with your surgeon to clarify things, or seek a second opinion before going ahead with surgery.

Good luck.  I think you should have a great result.

Vertical and horizontal incisions for tummy tuck?

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Generally, the abdominoplasty is performed with a horizontal skin incision only. Under certain circumstances, a "T" incision may be necessary but, based on your photos, you would appear to be a candidate for the horizontal incision technique only. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon again and, if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of that conversation, seek a second opinion. Best of luck!

Vertical scar in a tummy tuck

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You need to clarify with your plastic surgeon exactly where this vertical scar will be; that is, will it be above or below the transverse incision at the lower part of your abdomen. If it is above, this would represent the old site where the belly button was inserted and it remains because not all of the skin from the lower mons to the original site of the belly button can be removed.

If the scar is below, it may be to reduce the horizontal size of the Mons.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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TT scar patterns vary greatly

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I'm not sure I understand what your surgeon is recommending- you look like a great candidate for a standard abdominoplasty. A vertical scar BELOW the horizontal scar can be done to reduce laxity of the mons tissues. A vertical scar ABOVE the horizontal scar is sometimes done when the belly button 'hole' cannot be completely removed. Speak with your surgeon about his plan for you.

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