Is It Normal For My Stomach To Be Lumpy Hard an Uneven After TT?

I Had a Full TT an Lipo on March 5 2013.. my Stomach is Lumpy Hard an Uneven. is This Normal. My tummy is uneven an it looked better when I frst had it done.. it seem to me to get worst... I am also red an itching on the left side of my stomach. .

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Lumpy, Hard, and Uneven after Tummy Tuck

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    Redness and itching should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon.  Lumps and bumps depending upon the phase of healing is not extremely unusual after liposuction.  You need to be seen by your plastic surgeon to determine if there is anything amiss such as fluid collection or fat necrosis.  These things are very difficult to analyze over the web.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA   

Lumpy and uneven after tummy tuck

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It is not usual to have lumpy, hard, and uneven abdomen after tummy tuck.  If your plastic surgeon has performed liposuction, the areas of liposuction can be lumpy and hard for couple months.  With massaging and compression garment, the area should improve.  In regards to itching and redness, your plastic surgeon should evaluate you.  You may be experiencing allergic reaction to dressing, garment, or medication.

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