Had Full TT 3 Months Ago. Tummy Bulging W/hard Blood, How Do I Liquify This?

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Tummy bulging 3 months after tummy tuck

It is not clear from your question exactly what is going on.  If you had a hematoma, it generally would have occured in the first week or so after your surgery, and it can take months to soften, and may leave some irregularities.  If you had a seroma (fluid collection), this can sometimes lead to a chronic seroma cavity that feels like hard thickened scar tissue, and this may need to be excised.  What is clear from your question is that your surgeon needs to evaluate you, and if for some reason you can not return to your surgeon (for example, you had your procedure performed in a foreign country), then you need to see another plastic surgeon for an evaluation.

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Hematoma after tummy tuck

I agree that a firm hematoma 3 months after a tummy tuck is not normal and you should see your PS to discuss your options.  You may very likely have to have a short procedure to wash out the hematoma and have a drain placed again.


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Had Full TT 3 Months Ago. Tummy Bulging W/hard Blood, How Do I Liquify This?

Respectfully, your question raises multiple red flags and rings many alarm bells.

- Is the hematoma 3 months old??
- Is the hematoma recent?
- Related to an injury?
- related to a new blood thinning medication?
- Could your muscle thightening repair have cut through the muscle?
- Could you have a new onset failure of your muscle repair explaining the bulge?
- where is your Plastic surgeon in all of this?

Hematoma, or a blood collection, can happen after surgery for a variety of reasons but the ideal treatment for a medium to large blood collection is never just watching it. A hematoma can become infected becoming a large abscess, it can exert pressure on the skin compromising its blood flow resulting in a skin ulcer or, at best, it can cause severe scarring and irregularity. As a result, most surgeon would rreturn you to the operating room to remove the blood, thoroughly wash the area and look for any bleeding points. Depending on the circumstances, some collections may be drained through the skin by radiologic means.

You really need to have your Plastic surgeon guide you.

Dr. Peter A. Aldea


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Tummy Tuck 3 months ago, hematoma, what to do?

A blood collection ("hematoma") 3 months after a tummy tuck is abnormal and you should see your plastic surgeon for resolution of this problem.  You might need to be taken back to surgery for an evacuation of this hematoma and drainage.  With time, a hematoma will liquefy and your body will eliminate the blood but you might be left with hard scar tissue that might cause distortion.  You should discuss correction of this problem with your plastic surgeon.

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Might require imaging

To have an abdomen bulging with blood 3 months after abdominoplasty is most unusual. Radiographic imaging by way of ultrasound or CT scan may clarify the underlying problem. Best to see your surgeon for a reassessment.

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